Monday, December 13, 2010

Shoushan 壽山 and Monkeys Galore

Shoushan gives me a feeling of deja vu - it is similar to that of Cascades D'ouzoud; a large waterfall in Morocco that is home to many Barbary apes. It was a destination we wanted to visit, but that kept being put off. When we finally went, we were very glad we did and wondered what had taken us so long.

Shoushan, or Mt Shou, is located on the western side of Kaohsiung. It is home to various temples, a zoo, a military base,university, walking, hiking and mountain biking trails, wild dogs and many Formosan Rock Macaques. Shoushan stands tall to the side of Kaohsiung and is visible from our apartment's kitchen window on clear, non-polluted days.

Jeff and I had tried to hike there previously, but the poor signage and lack of parking, as well as our lack of navigational skills, left us driving around the city in all directions. So after some research and advice from friends, we made it.

We parked just before the zoo, in front of the February 28 Memorial Park and walked up the stairs. We followed the signs and found ourselves on a pleasant 2 hour hike, surrounded by Taiwanese locals and non-threatening macaques. The main paths are well signed, with rocky short cuts interspersed throughout the trails. The higher up the mountain we climbed, the more macaques we encountered.

Where we began our hike
Take the stairs to the top, and keep going
The view of the city from the top of the first stairs

Try your luck on some of the smaller trails

We went a little off trail and ended up at an
army base.
We were offered some help from some
locals and followed their lead.
The view of Kaohsiung and the 85 story building

Short clip of the view from the highest vantage point on Shoushan

Short clip of a family of macaques grooming and goofing around 


  1. Excellent photos. I was lucky enough to see some live monkeys while driving up the mountain on my motorcycle.

  2. Aww.. Taiwan is so awesome. I've only been there once but I will go back any time!

  3. Yeah, there are definitely some cool places to check out.