Sunday, December 26, 2010

E-Da World Ferris Wheel

View of the Ferris Wheel from my workplace

I work at I-Shou International School which is part of the E-United Group. The E-United Group is the fifth largest steel producer in the world. It is also responsible for a university, amusement park, luxury hotels, housing development, theater, mall and giant 80m in diameter ferris wheel. 

I had been wanting to ride the Ferris Wheel since arriving at work during August. For some regrettable reason, I did not ride the London Eye, although I walked past it on many occasions living in London for almost 2 years. So this was the next best thing. Tickets were on sale, just 80NT, down from the usual 200NT, so it was time to ride the wheel.

The Ferris Wheel has 40 carriages which carries its passengers for one full rotation in 15 minutes.It stands atop the roof of the Outlet Mall. My friend and I decided to take the ride at night, as the university, mall, amusement park and other grand buildings shine brilliant lights upon an otherwise vacant landscape.

The view of the rooftop of the Outlet Mall

The Crowne Plaza

Jess getting ready for the ride
 The Ferris Wheel's luminous rainbow neon lights change constantly and are quite spectacular from the ground and while in the carriage.

However, I am quite glad we weren't among the passengers on board when the Ferris Wheel malfunctioned earlier in the year, leaving passengers locked in for over an hour. See the article about this incident, reported by The China Post here.

If the above China Post article doesn't freak you out, visit E-Da World here.

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