Saturday, December 11, 2010

See the Delighting Sights of Alishan 阿里山國家風景區

Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain range situated in the Chiayi County, 3 hours north of Kaohsiung, in Taiwan. It is famous for its endless mountains, hiking, tea and wasabi plantations, amazing sunsets and sunrises and the historic Alishan Forest Railway - one of only 3 remaining in the world.

I think it is best that the pictures speak for themselves.

The view you will encounter before entering the area 

Clouds on the mountain range

Entering the Area - a nice a fresh 12 C

The famous 3 Generation tree

Can you see the elephant in the trunk?

One of the many staircases on the trails

The Mountain Railway

This bridge was built in 2002 to connect the many trails

The hiking trails

The Giant Trees are well labelled

Can you spot the happy monk?

Off the trail, you will find some treasures...

Food carts can be found at the Primary School along the walk

Sausages cook on hot pebbles

The wasabi markets

Feeling the love at the heart trees

Read the sign below. Do you see the love between the Dragon and Phoenix? I can't...

Can you spot the pig?

The much photographed pagoda in one of the Sister Ponds

Workers fixing the tracks
The view of the sunset from the main railway platform

The mist moves over the tourist town

We boarded the 5:40am train to watch the sunrise from a higher vantage point in Chu-shan

The sun begins to appear

Fore more information, visit Taiwan, Touch Your Heart

Where is Alishan? Here.

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