Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cascades D'Ouzoud, Refreshingly Beautiful

Jeff and I traveled to numerous towns, cities and medinas in Morocco on our first two visits, so when we arrived in Marrakech to live, there were not many new places high on our list visit. However, one destination kept standing out to me on our little Lonely Planet guide map, Cascades D'Ouzoud (ouzoud is Berber for olive, of which many trees surround the falls). The Cascades are only two and a half hours from Marrakech, so just a day trip. When we planned to go, other things kept popping up and different opportunities arose. However, when driving back in our little burnt orange Kia hire car from a Safi-Ouladia-El Jadida-Casablanca road trip, it was time to give the cascades a go.


We were not disappointed and wondered what had taken us so long in the first place to get there!

The cascades are in Azilal in the Atlas mountains. The waterfalls a 110m high and are stunning, refreshing and untainted.

You begin at the top of the falls, where you will come across Berber guides offering you a 1-2 hour hike around and to the bottom of the falls. We decided to come back another time to do the hike properly.

Descending the concrete steps, you will walk past many shops, restaurants, and if you are lucky enough, some Barbary monkeys!

With the warm temperature, it is important to cool off. If you don't want to totally immerse yourself and go for a quick or leisurely dip, you can always pay a mild 10 dirhams per person to board a raft and be paddled into the falls.

Highly recommended.

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