Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeff's 100NT Haircut

Jeff had been to Uncle Bear haircuts, a barber-type shop in one of the MRT (tube) stations, but wanted something a little more. We walked around our neighborhood in search of a real barber. Not a big bear where you put your 100NT note in its stomach, receive a receipt, and then go into the store and in return for giving the barber the receipt, receive a haircut. No, Jeff wanted a REAL barber shop. Like the old ones in Morocco, where the greying barber will sit you down in an ancient ragged chair, unwrap a new blade and cut your hair in the style of every other Moroccan man.

But, our search was fruitless, and we ended up here.

Yep, a cheap 100NT hairdresser. But instead of having a giant Uncle Bear to put your money into, they had a slim lined vending machine, dispersing a receipt to be exchanged for a haircut.

Jeff sipping on iced milk tea before the haircut.

 During. No, he is not getting his haircut by a doctor or nurse, or any other person who wears a surgical mask. Here in Taiwan, if you are sick, or riding a scooter, it seems a surgical mask is a must.

And after.

We may need to search a little longer for an old style barber shop.

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