Sunday, October 3, 2010

Freebies at 7-11

So, for a while now we have been collecting little stickers like this and from 7-11 and FamilyMart stores. every time you buy something over a certain amount, you are rewarded with one or more little stickers. The blue ones are from 7-11, and you receive red ones from its rival, FamilyMart.

I forgot to take a photo before we claimed our prize in 7-11, so here is a photo from
We have been dutifully adding the stickers to our little chart, and today, was the big day. We claimed our prize.

We opened it up and were surprised with our prize. A large-pen-with-fan-on-a-big-girls-head-thing. It even came with batteries.


As you can see, Jeff was thrilled that the painstaking collection of stickers paid off. He now has a portable large-pen-with-fan-on-a-big-girls-head-thing and couldn't be happier  ;o)

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