Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saharan Sunset and Sunrise

I had been to the Sahara desert before, in 2007. Unfortunately, the photographic evidence was lost, along with the contents of my bag, on an overnight train from Madrid to Barcelona. So this time, I took as many photographs as I could. My mother, aunt and I went on the same trip as Jeff and I had previously done 3 years earlier. I was surprised to find that we stayed at the same hotel, stopped at the same photographic vantage points, and even slept in a campsite in the desert very, very close to where I originally stayed.
I love the sand dunes. I especially love them when the sun sets and amazing shadows are cast upon the monstrous dunes. I love the texture, the ripples, the color.
We rode our camels for about 45 minutes from the Kasbah Yasmine in Erg Chebbi to our campsite. From there, a stroll up the sand dunes led to views of an amazing sunset. We ate delicious berber tajines, drank sweet, minty mint tea (Mum - Tastes a bit like Colgate, don't you think?), and attempted a tune on the goatskinned drums.
Then it was wakey wakey time at 5:30am for a camel trek to a stunning sunrise and back to the kasbah for a breakfast of msemen (Berber crepes) with honey, olives, sweet bread and fresh orange juice.

Our guide Mohammed, with a Saharan Salamander

A colorful sunset over the dunes

The setting sun

The moon still in the sky at dawn
My mum watching the sun rise

Dawn on the dunes

Our camels wandering off for the morning feast

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