Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mmm, Moroccan Strawberries

I love eating fresh, seasonal fruit. Mandarin season is now over. So mandarins out, strawberries in.

At the moment, strawberries are going for 10 dirhams a kilogram. I think the Aussie dollar is at $1 for 7.5 dirhams. So needless to say, strawberries are cheap!

Strawberries can be found by the crateful in the supermarket chain Acima, street stall vendors and roaming vendors. I have bought and tasted kilograms from all three sources and they are all as delicious as each other.

I love living in a country where produce is seasonal and tasty. I love indulging in fresh fruit, knowing that it hasn't crossed continents or oceans to land in my mouth.

Which fruit will be in plentiful and cheap supply next?

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