Sunday, April 4, 2010

Go and Get Plucked

I had been putting it off for too long and knew the consequences. Pain. Agony. Watery eyes.
Nice, shapely eyebrows come at a price. So it was time for my first visit to a Moroccan Esthetician for an eyebrow wax. My friend had been to Salon Smira before and liked it for its cheapness and smooth results. So off I went to the small Salon in the building next to mine.

Salaam alikom. Eyebrow? Shcccccct (finger pointed at eyebrow).
Oui. Eyebrows. No problem.

So I sat in the chair, head reclined in a small red pillow. Then came the unexpecteed. Tweezers. Ok, I thought, a bit of a tidy up before the wax. But the plucking did not stop. Ouch. Ow! My eyes were clenched shut and watering, my toes curling and feet squirming. Just say it. Say 'wax' I kept telling myself. No! This is how they do it and this is what you get for neglecting your brows. It can't get worse than this. It felt like 15 brutal minutes passed by. Then came the scissors - snip, snip. Oh my.

Look in the glass.

Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all. Really good actually.

Ok, sit back.

Oh no. Here we come again. Beauty comes at a price. Especially in Morocco.

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