Thursday, July 14, 2011

Penghu - Before the rains came...

So we decided it was time to check out Penghu, aka Pescadores, off the west coast of Taiwan. Like all of our travel adventures, we arrived and wondered why it had taken us so long to get here...

With islands and places named Husband Islet, Wife Islet, Incense Burners Islet, Chicken Head Islet, Ox-Hearted Hill and Goddess Mercy Hill to name a few, the islands were sure to have lots of charm, or at least character.

We eventually made our way from Magong Harbour after the puke-worthy ferry ride, to our homestay Sunrise B&B on the eastern side of Magong, in Hu-hsi township.

We braved the cool light rain on our scooter ride over.

Then the rains disappeared and the sun came out. We made our way to the closest beach to our B&B. 

The beautiful beach

View of the town from the beach

The shower/ toilet block and, yes, it looks like an army tank

Coral shore, blue skies and a big fat cloud rolling in

Now all we can do, after stopping in at 7-11 for some supplies of Smirnoff, Asahi and pea crackers, is sit back and wait for the rains to ease.

The view from the B&B - rain!

Overcast sky, miserable drizzle

Chillin' and waitin'

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  1. You took such beautiful pictures. I hope to visit one day. =o)