Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mmm, I'm in love with MANGOES 芒果

Mmm, mangoes of all shapes and sizes

I loved Morocco for the fresh fruit and vegetables, namely the mandarins and strawberries. Now, my favorite fruit, well, one of my favourites, is now in season.

I have wonderful memories of Christmas time in Australia. Buying mangoes by the boxful from the vans that stop on the side of the main roads. Mangoes with ice cream, mango smoothies, mangoes in salads, or just mango is it is, dripping down my chin and off my elbows. Yum!

Now I am so happy it is mango season in Taiwan. Mangoes are cheapest bought from the back of the small trucks, or 'moving markets. Otherwise, a grocery store or fruit store is the other option. 'There are so many types of mangoes here. Big ones, small ones, medium ones... I have tried them all and they are all delicious. They are juicy and sweet and ready to eat.

I am not sizest

In Taiwan I have had mango tea, mango juice and mango with frozen ice 雪花冰; a very popular dessert here in Taiwan. 

Of course, I love mangoes a la Mark Darcy, just as they are

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