Saturday, November 13, 2010

You got Towed!

Yes we did. We are slowly, very slowly, becoming Taiwanese. We are becoming initiated, one little initiation at a time.

After enjoying a delicious and meal in Kaohsiung city, we walked the short distance back to our car. But instead of our car, we stared at an empty spot. After a little confusion, we came to the conclusion that we had been towed. We walked back to the restaurant where a helpful server called the towing company for us to make sure our car was there, and not stolen. We took a cab a short drive away even further into the city center to the holding ground.

Just a few of the many impounded scooters in the lot

Motorists paying their fines 

There were  many people there, paying their dues to free their cars and scooters. While waiting for about 5 minutes in line, we witnessed 2 tow trucks bringing in unlawfully parked cars. Both were silver. Since there are many, many cars parked unlawfully in Kaohsiung, my theory is; the tow truck drivers play a game. They pick a color, for example, silver, and tow only silver cars on that particular evening. It is only a theory... But you never know.

Evidence #1 of Color Theory

Evidence #2 of Color Theory

 We stood in line, waited our turn, received a piece of paper, and then drove our poor car home. The fee was not huge - $2000NT or about $66US. It was certainly a lesson learned on the art of parking in the city; Park in the white lines, or, get towed.

Evidence #3 of Color Theory



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  2. Well, that's a nice theory you got there... Or maybe the tow truck drivers pick a color assignment for themselves. Like, "I take all the silver ones and you're in charge of the other colors."

  3. I got towed after watching the tennis at Bottoms Up. Your blog was forth on my google search. lol.
    I support your color theory if you got towed on a Sunday cause that's what colour my car is. Hope Oz is going well for you!