Saturday, November 20, 2010

I DID try it on, and then I spent, spent, spent!

No silly 'can't-try-it-on-here' store was going to squelch my need for some retail therapy!
I took myself and my purse full of cash off to Hanshin Department store, a mere 2 minute walk from our apartment building, for some indulgence.

I found shoes that fit. I found jeans I could try on. I found a cute sweater dress on sale that I tried on! I even found a helpful assistant in the Levi's store that was eager to speak to me in English.

So I tried on, and bought.

Admittedly, I spent way more than I would have than if I had bought items from the cute street stores, but then, I couldn't be sure that they would have fit my oddly shaped body.

Looks like it will be quality, expensive clothes over cute, cheap ones here. And it is not my fault.

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