Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sights around Lotus Lake, oh, I mean Pond

Well, it should be called Lotus Lake. It is big like a lake, not a pond. And Lotus Lake just sounds better. And it is what I call it mistakingly all of the time.

We began our walk around Lotus Pond from the northern side from the train station.  The path led us all around the lake and past many interesting sights. To the west of the lake are various temples, traditional and modern houses and schools. Below are some of the eye catching treats on offer.

Dacheng Hall

Zhouzi Qingshui Temple

Tianfu Temple

Beiji Arbor and statue of God Xuantian

Men fishing off the Beiji Arbor

The Spring Pavilion

Xuantian from the southern side

A lonesome windsurfer with the pond all to himself...

The Autumn Pavilion

The Autumn Pavilion with turtle pond in front

The wall along the Wuli Arbor

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on the south western side of the pond

Fancy a walk in a dragon or tiger?

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