Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lamma Island, Hong Kong

We had a few choice choices for day trips whilst in Hong Kong. We picked up the Discover Hong Kong Nature D.I.Y. Guide from the information booth at the Star Ferry concourse in Kowloon and were spoilt for choice. Would it be the hike to Bride's Pool, the Giant Buddha at Lantau Island or the rural Peng Chau with its clear beaches? Finally we settled on Lamma Island. Jeff had travelled around Hong Kong before, but had not made it to Lamma Island.

We caught the ferry to Fisherfolk village at Sok Kwu Wan on the southern side of the island instead of Yung Shue Wan in the north, simply because the ferry was already there and we didn't have to wait.

The impatientness paid off however as we arrived in from Central and immediately enjoyed the slower pace and the surrounding nature. We walked the southern Lamma circle hike, around hillsides on a concrete path. The banana trees provided a much needed escape from the ultra humidity and burning sun. We passed temples, massive spiders, deserted buildings and a Butterfly Barbeque Area???

After almost 2 hours we came back into Fisherfolk village for a rest and cool down. Inspired by the variety of fresh seafood in the tanks adorning the restaurnats on the pier, we feasted on some fresh spicy squid and mushroom noodles, washed down with some TsingTao.

Then, after a minor detour due to invisible signs, we made our way north across up the island stopping at Hung Shing Yeh Beach for some respite and a swim. The water was calm and the swimming area netted off against the sharks that like to frequent the waters. After a warm yet refreshing swim it was back on the trail through the more hectic town of Yung Shue Wan through shops, cafes and eateries, on to the ferry for a 40 minute ride back to Central.

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