Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't p#ss on my street!

Eww! So Marrakech is full of ups and downs. One thing I do enjoy is walking out of our building and hearing the starlings in the green trees, seeing the cats leaping from planter pots, and saying Salaam to the street guardians. One thing I cannot stand however, is the disgusting smells that make their way up into your nose. Today for example, upon leaving the apartment, the street guardian was washing down a tree with a bottle of water. The tree needed to be washed because some filthy man decided it was a toilet.

Also, at the weekend, about 4pm I noticed a well-dressed man urinating on the first tree of our street! Out in the open. I saw everything! Disgusting, I know! As well as the fact that I live on that street, I thought that behaviour, especially at 4pm, was appalling. So I yelled at him. Loudly. I caused a scene so that other people would notice, and perhaps be able to shout at him in a language he would understand. Gross. He yelled back as I threw lewd hand gestures at him and walked into my building. I got everyone to notice. I hope when he is sober, or perhaps on another inevitable drinking binge, his conscience clicks and he feels some urge not to use the trees as a urinal.


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