Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conversations with 8 year olds

Some funny things my students say...

Ms Balogh, its ok if you don't have a husband. You can marry my dog, Spotty. He will keep you warm and kiss you.

(When performing a little play of The Three Little Pigs)
Child 1: What are you doing little pig?
Child 2: I am digging in my garden.
Child 1: Why?
Child 2: I need to pick some... carrots. I am making tajine.

(For their News day) Today I am going to talk about my favorite cars. I have a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a French car.
Class: You don't have those cars.
Child: Yes I do. They are in my garage. The Ferrari is red, and the Lamborghini yellow. My grandfather gave them to my dad. They go very fast.

Koalas are very slow, because they are fat.

And the not so funny...
If I don't get an A+ my mum is going to put a gun to my head.

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