Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You know you are in Australia when...

While waiting to pick my mum up from work I decided I would have some good old Aussie fish and chips from the main street in Shellharbour Village. I was quickly reminded how long I'd been out of Australia when theman behind the counter asked,
Would you like plain salt or chicken salt?
Wow! I had forgotten all about that yellow chicken salt!
I sat in the car, watching the waves, and enjoying my calamari, fish, and chips with chicken salt. Oh, I also added a bottle of creaming soda to my meal for good measure.

Some others...

Everyone says heaps, heaps of times.

In every colour, in every shoe store. I got some in Target for $3!

Very pretty dresses.
Worn with rubber thongs.

Flat Whites.
The only country in the world to serve this type of coffee.

Sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.
On potato wedges. Yum.

Sweaty heat.
Walking in the hot sun for 5 minutes does it. I must say, I really prefer the non-humid Moroccan sun.

Thanks from a little person.

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  1. LOL - when I read 'flat whites' I thought you were referring to shoes :)
    And I love love love the photo of the mule!