Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chilly in Marrakech

So my Australian blood must be resurfacing, as I am finding the recent Moroccan weather quite... cold. After coming back from a recent trip to lovely London, I am feeling the chill more than ever. Although I have a fabulous new travel mug, purchased from my favourite 'Lilly Whites in Piccadilly Circus', which takes the chill off the morning bus rides to school, it is not enough.
I do not want to be like one of the locals, who I admit to laughing at, wearing winter gloves, faux fur coat and a beanie. No, I refuse to look that ridiculous when it is really 20 C out. So I guess I will remember what winter cold was like in Canada and suck it up.
I am going to get my summer fix soon enough. 10 days in Australia. Then hopefully upon my return, I will bring the summer sun with me, so along with everyone else, I can complain about the stifling heat instead.

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