Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Favourite Place... for Fall Colors

I came here only once before. And loved it. I loved the fresh air,the shining sun, the towering trees, the leaf littered paths. I loved the way the air made me feel, allowing me to breathe deeply, to breathe fully. And the colors. The changing fall colors caught my eye. Once dark emerald leaves turned peridot green, amber and finally ruby red. I loved walking along the dirt paths, crunching the fallen leaves with each step.

This time, I came equipped with my camera. I wanted to capture the colours. I wanted to be amazed from my computer screen and one day, from a print. And I wanted to share it. My favourite place for Fall Colours is Dundas Peak, Hamiton, Ontario.

My favourite place for fall colors is Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area, consisting of Dundas Peak and Tew's falls. The Bruce Trail's side trail, coded by blue blazes on trees, marks the route from the carpark on Harvest road, all the way to Dundas Peak and beyond. The views are wonderful, extending from Dundas' Main St to MacMaster University and beyond. But I wasn't that interested in the views. They were nice, but the kaleidoscope of  burnt colours was more of a sight. 

And then there was a splash of sapphire. An elusive blue jay was hidden among the stripped branches. He stayed still for a moment. A moment long enough for me to lift my camera and click the button. And then he was gone.


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  1. Wow. :) The photo of the red trees (fourth from the bottom) is the most beautiful photo I've seen in a while. :) Which month were these taken?