Sunday, September 19, 2010

Half a day at Cijin Island

The weather was warm, the weekend arrived, I was in town - it was time to check out some sights. Jeff and I caught the MRT down to Sizihwan and then hopped on a ferry over to Cijin Island. The ferry takes a whole 5 minutes or so to reach the island and costs a whole $30NT ($1 AUS) for a return trip. Not a bad deal at all.

The walk down to the ferry

The view of Kaohsiung from the ferry

A traditional rickshaw
Fancy some brown toilet icecream???

Temples and scooters - common sights

We had hoped to go for a swim and cool off as the humidity was stupidly high, but the beach didn't look clean and the sand was black - not that appealing.

Instead, we settled for a fresh seafood lunch and walk through the markets.

While I shopped unsuccessfully for hats, Jeff enertained a Taiwanese high school student wanting to practice his English. A favourite line "Do you enjoy sports?" - text book English.

Back to the mainland we walked up to the British Consulate and escaped from the tropical rain.

Off the bridge...

...follow the signs to the sonsulate

Up the stairs...

...past the stray cats...

and up to the consulate for some beautiful views.

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